Ab Wheel Roller

Rational Approach in Productive Cough Objective:- • Directing the therapy at modifying the mucus secretions to facilitate their removal from the respiratory tract • Achieve effective antibacterial activity Achieves:- • Effective • Expectoration Improved mucociliary transportation

Each 10 ml. Contains: Aqueous Extracts of Adhateda Vasira 200 mg., Solamum Xanthocapum 100 mg., Glyayrrkiza Balerica 200 mg., Terminaha Balerica 100 mg., Ocimum Sanctum Linn 200 mg., Zingibu Officinate 100 mg., Cinnamomumzeylanicum 5 mg., Viola Oderate 200 mg., Curcuma Longa 15 mg., Amnoniom Chloride 15 mg., Cubeba Officinalis 15 mg., Pipper Nigrum 50 mg., Datura Stremonium 150 mg., Mentha Sativa 10 mg., Sat Pipermint 6 mg., Honey Base