Ab Wheel Roller

Mirik brings you all the new Mirikpro with Super Charges. Supercharges are a combination of vital nutrients which assist in building stamina and aid improvement of memory and concentration. These together help your child to remain physically fit and mentally alert. Thereby giving him the Mirikpro Confidence. So go ahead give your child two cups of Mirikpro Confidence everyday

Nutrients per 100g of Mirikpro - Protein 7 g., Vitamin A 1000 mcg, Vitamin C 100 mcg, Vitamin B1 4 mcg, Vitamin B3 40.5 mcg, Vitamin B6 3.3 mcg, Vitamin B12 1.8 mcg, Folic Acid 375 mcg, Zinc 4.8 mg., Manganese 1.8 mcg, Calcium 100 mcg, Iron 18 mg, Carbohydrate 84 g, Total Fats 2 g, Aloe Vera Powder 10 mg, Energy 382 Kcal, Sugar Malt Extract, Cocoa, Solids, Milk Protein, Caramel, Vitamins, Minerals, Raising agent, emulisifier & salt. Contains artificial flavouring substances.